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Social Work Service

Two Social Workers provide general counseling and advice on alternatives to institutional care. They cover the entire Metro area, dealing directly on a one-to-one basis with 500 people, excluding carers & families.  They create an enabling environment for the aged via the three service centres and also operate as project managers for the  housing and community service oriented divisions of Algoa Bay Council for the Aged to ensure compliance with our objectives.

The social work programme is structured to keep the elderly active and independent in the community for as long as possible. Applications are screened to ensure that only the very frail aged are referred to institutions whilst others are presented with and referred to alternative resources.

Auxiliary Work Service

The Auxiliary Work Service is a project that provides the aged and persons who have special needs with a link to a medical and health support system that enables them to remain active and independent within their own homes.  The Social Auxiliary Worker collects and delivers repeat medication from Out Patient Departments for housebound aged and residents of our housing schemes. She concentrates on the sub-economic aged who cannot afford the cost of public transport to visit clinics or hospitals on a monthly basis.

Social Work Guidance

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged social workers provide guidance and advice to emerging organisations and groups who deal with the aged in disadvantaged areas. They assist by linking them with resources and sharing skills and expertise with them.

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What is donor deductable status? What is donor deductable status?

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged has donor deductible status by virtue of being a register Public Benefit Organisation. This enables ABCA to, under restrictive conditions, issue 18A receipts for donations of a specific type and nature. Not all donations will qualify for 18A status and the qualifying criteria are as determined by the SA Revenue Services in legislation.

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